James Pittelkow, Pittelkow Financial Services, LLC

Kiwanis: When did you join Kiwanis?

James: I joined Kiwanis 26 years ago in October 1989. 

Kiwanis: Why did you become a member?

James: I became a member because I was active in a smaller service club, had gone through all the leadership chairs including State Governor and international committees, and I wanted to be involved in a larger club.  Two Kiwanis Members (who are still Members today) sponsored me.

Kiwanis: What keeps you coming back?

James: The mission of helping children and the community in general.  Interesting lunch programs are also critical.

Kiwanis: Tell us about your favorite service project.

James: There are several.  Ironically, I am involved in mostly non-children projects, such as Environmental, Human and Spiritual Values, and Public & Business Affairs.  However, I admire the childrens' issues as the most important mission.

Kiwanis: What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a member?

James: Kiwanis Club of Milwaukee is an excellent venue for giving back to the community.  Volunteering is key to peace of mind and personal satisfaction. Try it!

Kiwanis: Thank you, James.