Bruce Ramme, WEC Energy Group

Kiwanis: When did you join Kiwanis?

Bruce: I became a member of the Kiwanis Club in Port Washington in the early 1990’s and joined the Milwaukee Club in 1997.

Kiwanis: Why did you become a Member?

Bruce: I wanted to be involved in helping the community where I worked.  (I worked in Port Washington from 1991-1996).

Kiwanis: What keeps you coming back?

Bruce: The good feeling in helping with our volunteer projects, networking with other members, enjoyable special events, good food, and learning opportunities.

Kiwanis: Tell us about your favorite service project?

Bruce: Invasive species removal in the Fall.  An outdoor group activity that helps provide an environmental improvement at a different park each year that is used by the community.   We experience true teamwork, and a larger team makes a bigger difference.

Kiwanis: What would you tell someone who is considering becoming a member? 

Bruce: A great community service club with many opportunities to make a difference for children and the community.   There is also great networking with members and learning from speakers at meetings.

Kiwanis: Thank you, Bruce.